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Construction of the log house - is, above all, the question of self-realization. Each of our wooden house is unique and reflects the lifestyle of its owner.

Why wooden log house?

* Wood provides full air-circulation every two hours inside a house without any air-conditioners.

* Wood is a natural filter.

* When performing our projects we use only high quality wood and follow all the necessary standards.

* You may buy a disassembled timber house and assemble it yourself.

We will help you to re-plan interior house layout or change its façade and work out a project according to your own plan.

Our advantages:

1. A lot of wooden houses are built since 2006 - from typical toIndividual, meeting the requirements of the most demanding customers.

2. Own production, located in the Minsk region.

3. We have our own drying chamber for technical wood drying capacity of 50m3.

4. We produce houses from profiled timber, including the dual-beam technology of drying with insulation layer, as one the best of the existing technologies of wooden houses construction in terms of price-quality-efficiency.

5. In our projects we use high quality wood from verified suppliers, in compliance with all regulations.

6. You can buy our log house from a bar unassembled and assemble its own or order a turnkey project.

7. Especially for you we carry out internal alterations and offer to change the external appearance and facade of the house - taking into account your wishes we will create a custom design.