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"StroyArtel" Ltd., Reg.N 690341594, legal and postal address: Republic of Belarus, 223210, Minsk region, Cherven, st.. Lenin, house 49, 1.2. We work in the field of design and construction of the log houses from profiled beam since 2006.

Our own production is situated in the region of Minsk.

In 2009, "Stroyartel" Ltd. has purchased and installed the camera for the technical wood drying up to 50m3.

Special pride our company is its labor collective, which works smoothly and accurately. Together, we always find a way out of a any situation.

It is thanks to the coordinated work of the whole team, we were able to successfully build a lot of wooden houses, from type design to individual,  in France, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Russia and Belarus.