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Design - is the first step towards the implementation of your dreams.

You have the opportunity to take a completely standard project and make the necessary changes, to make the project "by yourself". Our designers will help you to make alterations and all the adjustments.

We offer you to see how we draw the sketch architectural documentation and look through one of the projects at the link below:



It is well known that the best logs are made of coniferous wood. They have a plane surface and a dense structure and are notable for high air permeability. Pine is considered to be the best material for all kinds of timber constructions because of its resistance and easy adaptation to any climatic conditions.

All elements are produced at the plant with modern equipments. All stages of production are under strict control. The parts of the log house are thoroughly examined in the process of preassembling; and then marked.

Our technology allows us to perform construction and assembling works in short terms. It takes 20-30 days to assemble the walls. Log house construction requires neither massive foundation setting nor the use of heavy construction equipment. Therefore, it cuts costs and keeps the landscape untouched.

Our company builds wooden log houses.

The corners of the log houses are made mechanically thus eliminating chinks between wall parts.

Milled timber houses may have 8, 16, 20 cm thick walls.


16 and 20cm milled timber and houses are made of wood with natural humidity (humidity is 20-24%). 8cm milled timber houses are made of technically dried wood (humidity is 10-14%).

The wall sets are joined following the "tongue and groove " method; a strip warmth-keeping material is placed between them. High accuracy in making wall parts provides tight fit between them and guarantees air tightness of the outer side of the house. Besides, it ensures firmness of the whole construction and minimizes the loss of warmth.

Wall timber is impregnated with PINOTEX preservative compound.

What type of wall to choose for a wooden house?

From our own experience of wooden houses production and construction, we recommend:

Home residence is most suitable home from a double dry profiled beam with insulation.

Below is a comparative table of the advantages and disadvantages of construction of houses made of round timber, laminated veneer lumber and double dried profiled beam with insulation.


Cylindered beam

Glued laminated timber

Double dried profiled beam with insulation


Wall thickness in a tight spot

16-32 cm

14-23 cm

16 cm + insulation

Angles  blow off resistance

3 stars

3 stars

5 stars

Resistance to blue, mold, fungus

3 stars

5 stars

5 stars

Material humidity




Exposure to torsion




Insulating gasket

between crowns

between crowns


Additional expenses

studs, nuts, couplings

expensive glue


Weekly shrinkage

tightening nuts



Grinding home


not necessary

not necessary

Installation of windows, doors

After 3-6 months

at once

at once

Shrinkage home for

6-12 months

1-3 months

1-1,5 months

Installing roof

After 6-12 months

After the glue has dried

at once

Transportation TIR

Up to 24 m3

Up to 35-40 m3

Up to 35-40 m3

Environmentally friendly

5 stars

3 stars

5 stars






Delivery set:

  1. Wall timber with corner joints
  2. Overlap beams
  3. Disassembled rafter system
  4. Frontons (special boards)
  5. Bearing partitions
  6. Wood furring



Our technology allows to make the construction very fast. Assembling the walls takes 20-30 days. Construction of a wooden house does not require massive base unit and heavy construction equipment. This not only saves money, but also to preserve the natural landscape.

All you need to order a wooden log house of your dreams - is to find a convenient way to communicate with us in the "Contact Us" or call directly to the company: 

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Additionally we offer:

Flooring and ceiling board (an imitation of timber, lining) of own production, as well as skirting boards, doors, stairs.